Asian Science and Mathematics Olympiad for Primary Schools (ASMOPS) is an international Olympiad that was launched in November, 2011, in Indonesia. This fun and friendly competition was initiated by Prof. Yohanes Surya – a founder of Surya institute. Surya Institute is a non-government organization that cares about the development of math and science education in Indonesia. This organization develops various activities relating to math and science education such as training, workshop, and competition including ASMOPS.

The goal of this competition is to encourage young students to embrace science and math from an early age and enhance the development of international contacts amongst countries within the Asian region in the field of primary school education, especially in science and mathematics. Starting in 2018, the committee introduce a new category of junior secondary schools and change the name to ASMOPSS (Asian Science & Mathematics Olympiad for Primary and Secondary Schools).


Primary and Secondary students from Schools in Asia.


  • Primary Division : Grade 4, Grade 5, and Grade 6.
  • Secondary Division : Grade 7, Grade 8, and Grade 9.


  • Road to ASMOPSS is a Regional Selection for ASMOPSS
  • National Selection is round to select the best students to represent Indonesia in ASMOPSS
  • ASMOPSS is the final round, participated by students from Asia countries

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