About Kemah GASING

School holidays are the time to refresh children’s minds from their school assignments and activities. And mostly no one accompanies their children on vacation until they are bored with vacation activities, where only traveling is the reason that is usually expressed. Even sometimes the children’s holidays are over at home. Some of the children find it difficult to detach from their parents or their nanny. Seeing those conditions, Surya Institute initiated to hold a holiday program called Kemah GASING.

In Kemah GASING, the children will play with their friends while they also learn about science in Nature. Kemah GASING also motivates the children to learn how to be self-independent. In this camp, they will stay without their parents. They have to take care of themselves for three days and two nights, and this will be a challenge for them.

The children participating in this Kemah GASING are students in grades 4 – 6. At this age, children are considered to be independent, at least taking care of their own needs. They also have a high curiosity to achieve the goal of this activity, which is to bring home new knowledge.

Surya Institute held the first Kemah GASING in 2011.


Grade 4 until Grade 6. Independent. Interested in learning with friends through various adventures.


Observation, Experiment, Exploration, and Nature Activities.


  • Participation Certificates
  • Participant’s Kit

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