About IKSC (International Kangaroo Science Contest)

At the very beginning of 21st century, science teachers and other scientists realized the need to find some very effective way for bringing up schoolchildren with an aptitude of a research scholar.

In 2006 a number of well-known researchers and pedagogies from different parts of Europe and America got together in Saint Petersburg to discuss a much needed intelligent and attractive way of developing students’ taste for science. This should also serve as the very first concrete step towards research training for all schoolchildren. In this meeting, the experts agreed that the most essential and basic character of a researcher is to be an explorer and discoverer.

Based upon this principle the participants of the Saint Petersburg meeting created the science contest which has different names such as “Explore and discover”, “International Kangaroo Science Contest” and other names in different countries.  In 2008 1st such science contest was organized in Brazil, the Czech Republic, Germany, France, Romania, and Russia.  After that, a number of other countries from America, Asia, and Europe joined the contest. Indonesia and Egypt organized Science Contest in 2019 first time in their countries.


Students from Grade 1 until Grade 10


  • Level 1 : Grade 1-2
  • Level 2 : Grade 3-4
  • Level 3 : Grade 5-6
  • Level 4 : Grade 7-8
  • Level 5 : Grade 9-10


  • The Contest is composed of just one test, no selection, no preliminary, and no final test.
  • Multiple choice questions.
  • Language : English and Bahasa Indonesia


  • Gold Medals
  • Silver Medals
  • Bronze Medals
  • Honorable Mention Certificates
  • Participation Certificates