Result – Final Round Factorial Math Competition 2023

Surya Institute (SI) is an institution that aims to enhance the potential of Indonesian students in the field of education, especially Mathematics and Science. We believe that each individual has a lot of potentials that still looks and polished. Therefore, we facilitate the students who love Mathematics and Science to hone and channel their talents and interests through participation in various competitions at the national and international level. And one of the competition is Factorial Math Competition, which is initiated by Surya Institute.

On Saturday, April 15th, 2023, Surya Institute for the Promotion of Science (SIPS) held the 4th Factorial Math Competition (FMC) 2023. Total of 817 students has joined the Factorial Math Competition (FMC) 2023. And from the FMC 2023, 214 students were invited to the Final Round FMC 2023 which has been held online on Saturday, July 8th 2023.

We hereby announced the Result of Final Round Factorial Math Competition 2023 as follow:

Congratulation for all Winners and all Finalists!
The FMC Medals will be distributed start August 2023 and Final e-Certificates Award will be emailed to the registered email address.

Thank you for your participation in the Final Round of Factorial Math Competition 2023.
See you in the next Factorial Math Competition. Keep developing your Math skills!